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Enjoying Warmth Responsibly 
Propane gas fire pits are popular for outdoor spaces, providing warmth and ambiance for gatherings with loved ones. The new TIKI® Brand Customizable Propane Fire Pit can offer more convenience than traditional wood-burning fires. With proper maintenance and care, propane pits are safe additions to the backyard.  

Are Propane Pits Safe?  

When used in accordance with proper guidelines, outdoor propane fire pits are a fun and safe way to unwind. The TIKI® Brand Propane Pit includes various safety features, like built-in tip and flame sensors plus automatic shut-off valves to mitigate risk. Users must follow guidelines provided with the product to ensure safe operation.  
Safety Concerns with Propane Pits  

To avoid potential safety concerns, always follow the appropriate guidelines that come with your propane gas pit. These include: 
     1. Outdoor Use: Propane pits are designed for outdoor use only 
     2. Ventilation & Open Space: To perform properly propane fire pits require adequate ventilation and space for an open flame. 
     3. Avoid Flammable Materials: Never place flammable materials near the fire pit 
     4. Never Leave Unattended: While lit, never leave your propane fire pit unattended 
Can I Use a Propane Fire Table or Pit Indoors? 

Propane pits are designed for outdoor use only and should never be operated indoors. Operating a propane fire pit in an enclosed space can lead to carbon monoxide buildup, injury, or death.  
Proximity of Propane Tanks 

The TIKI® Brand Propane Fire Pit comes with an easily accessible tank tray that slides out for access to the propane tank. It also includes a built-in propane gauge so you can quickly see how much is remaining. 
For additional propane tanks not currently in use, always store these outdoors. Always keep tanks away from the fire pit at a safe distance from the flame (and in accordance with manufacturers' storage instructions).  
While propane fire pits are a great way to enhance outdoor living spaces, safety should always remain a top priority. By understanding and adhering to safety guidelines, users can enjoy the warmth and ambiance safely.  

Remember to follow User Guides, operate outdoors, and maintain a safe distance between the fire pit and flammable materials. Following these guidelines will allow you to create many memorable moments around the fire. For complete safety precautions and instructions, see the included user guide.