How to Dispose of Ashes From Your Fire Pit

Until recent years, cleaning out your fire pit was a hassle. One that was so inconvenient that you may have avoided using yours completely! 

Enter the modern innovation of smokeless fire pits. With their unique design, smokeless pits can reduce ash and make cleaning up easier. So, say goodbye to burying fire pit ashes in your backyard and forget about the big clean up. 

To keep your fire experience fun and easy, TIKI® Brand developed a simple solution. To remove ashes from some pits, you must flip them over, creating a mess. That's why each TIKI® Brand Smokeless Fire Pit features a convenient removable ash pan that makes cleaning a breeze. 

Patio & Reunion Fire Pit Ash Pans 

To empty the ash pan on the Patio Pit or Reunion Fire Pit, simply pull the handle. Remove the ash and empty it into the proper receptacle then slide the pan back in place. Just like that, you're ready for your next night around the fire.  

woman opening the ash tray to empty the ash

Social Fire Pit Ash Pan 
Removing ash from the Social Fire Pit is different but just as easy as cleaning the Patio or Reunion. Once the pit has completely cooled, remove the dome insert and carefully sweep ash through the bottom holes.  
Grasp the handles and separate the top portion of the pit from the base. Empty the ash from the base into the proper trash receptacle, then simply place the top piece back on to complete.  

As a reminder, always make sure your fire pit has completely cooled before removing any ash. 
To keep your pit protected, consider covering it with a fire pit cover. Most pits will either come with one or are available for purchase. This small measure of protection will help keep your smokeless pit in tip-top shape season after season. 


Woman putting a cloth cover over reunion smokeless fire pit

Don't let clean up stop you from enjoying your fire experience. Instead, plan for a relaxing night with friends and family, one that lasts long after it burns out. 
Want to learn more or see it in action? Check out this how-to video on our YouTube page.