Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty & Referral

Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?
Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards points for a discount?
Do loyalty points ever expire?
Why didn’t I earn loyalty points on my purchase?
How do I redeem my loyalty rewards at checkout?
Can I use my rewards points for items that are currently on sale?
How many points can I use on one purchase?

Indoor/Outdoor Fire Starters

How do I start a fire using the Indoor/Outdoor Wood Pellet Fire Starter?
Can I use this in any type of fire pit?
Can I cook food over the Indoor/Outdoor Fire Starter?


Can the Fire Pit Griddle be used on any fire pit?
Is the TIKI Brand Fire Pit Griddle seasoned?
Can I swap out the grill grate and the inner griddle while cooking?
How do I add more fuel if needed?
How do I clean the TIKI Brand Fire Pit Griddle?

Propane Fire Pit

How do I clean my Propane Fire Pit?
Where can I place my Propane Fire Pit?
How do I light the Propane Fire Pit?

Fire Pits & Wood Packs

Do I need a TIKI Brand Screen in order to use the Heat Deflector?
Can the TIKI Brand Heat Deflectors be used any fire pit?
How do I start a fire using the Wood Pack?
Can I cook over the Fire Pit and Wood Pack?
What is the difference in flame height between the Wood Packs and wood logs?
How does the airflow technology work?
Can I put the Fire Pit on my deck?
What is the center cone for?
Is it ok to use wood logs in the Fire Pit?
How long do I have to wait until I put the cover on?
Is the Fire Pit durable?
What exactly are the Wood Packs made of?
How should I store my Patio Pit Screen?

Torches & Tabletop

Is the Easy Install torch pole available for all torches?
Can I leave the weather resistant bamboo torches out all year round?
How do I light a TIKI® torch?
How do I extinguish my torch?
How do I replace the wick on my torch?
How far apart should I place my TIKI® torches?
My torch will not light. What do I do?
Is it safe to store fuel in the torches, or should they be emptied after using?

Torch Fuel

Can I use torch fuel as a fire starter for my charcoal grill?
Can I use torch fuel indoors?
How do I clean torch fuel spills on my concrete?
How do I clean torch fuel spills on wood?
How do I clean torch fuel spills out of my carpet / rug / upholstery?
What should I do if I have ingested fuel?


Where do I purchase Lamplight products or contact customer support?


Can I become a wholesale customer of Lamplight® or TIKI® Brand product?


How can I edit my TIKI® Brand subscription?
What’s the difference between pausing vs. canceling my subscription?
How do I change the billing or shipping information on my subscription orders?
I can’t log into my TIKI® Brand account, what do I do?

Outdoor Lighting

Where should the BiteFighter™ LED String Lights be placed?
How many BiteFighter™ LED String Lights can I use at once?
Can BiteFighter™ LED String Lights be left outside all year round?
Is the fuel in the Mosquito Repellent Pods the same as what goes in the torches?
What is the point of the green balls in the Mosquito Repellent Pods?
Can I remove the Mosquito Repellent Pod to add additional fuel?
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