Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space does more than just elevate the look of your backyard. From morning till evening here are our top 10 favorite ways to enjoy a smokeless fire pit. 


The Classic 


Using your fire pit on the patio is a popular choice for many since it serves as a natural gathering spot. Plus, it's close enough to easily run inside and grab something but far enough away from your house to ensure your safety. Patios are a great place for an outdoor seating or dining area and are the perfect setting for your smokeless fire pit. 


The Morning Routine 


Start your day off on a relaxing note and light a fire before heading into the office. Have a day that you're working from home? Grab a cup of coffee and your laptop and work in the comfort of your own backyard around the fire.

The Gather Together  
Spending quality time with your kiddos can seem harder and harder to do these days. Schedules are full of activities so it’s important to make time to connect. Why not bring everyone together for an evening under the stars? Take a breath from the craziness of the day and take in quality time with those you love most.  
The Social Butterfly 
You know what they say, fire time = social time. Grab a few chairs, round up those that mean the most to you, and cozy up next to the fire pit. Tell your favorite campfire stories, or better yet you can use your fire for the next activity on the list.

The Dessert Lover 
While you're feeding the fire's warm glow, don't forget a snack for yourself! Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars are the perfect combination. All you need to add is a pair of marshmallow tongs and a fire. 
The Chef 
If s'mores won’t hold you over, consider something with a little more sustenance. Whether you like sweet or savory, the TIKI® Brand Griddle turns your backyard into your new favorite restaurant. 

The Outdoor Adventurer 
From the backyard to the backwoods, some smokeless fire pits are portable making them the ultimate camping essential. Plus, they're the perfect place to share stories and laughs while making delicious campfire snacks! Looking for a portable fire pit? The TIKI® Brand Social Fire Pit features a lightweight, stainless-steel powder-coated design that's perfect for the patio or on the go! 


The Celebration 

People have been gathering around the fire to celebrate for thousands of years. Keep the tradition going yourself! Don't stop at just birthdays, game days and graduations, take the time to toast all life's wins no matter how small. Simply head outside, light the flame, and enjoy acknowledging each day's special moments (+ enjoy some cake while you're at it)!  

The Relax & Unwind 

Working all week takes a toll on anyone. So, take a timeout for yourself and unwind by an outdoor fire pit. For an even more relaxing vibe, deck out your seating area with some string lights or torches. Creating the perfect outdoor design gives you a little extra comfort as you cast your cares into the flames. 
The Beach Bum 
Up the level of relaxation and bring your fire pit to the beach. Spend the day swimming in the cool water and the evenings warming up by the fire. As the fire burns, spread a beach blanket and take in the sunset. Sounds like a little slice of paradise to us.

We hope this provides plenty of inspiration on how to get the most out of your smokeless fire pit. Afterall, any time can be fire time!