About Us


There’s something about a flame people can’t resist. We’re drawn to it. The flicker is captivating. The glow is comforting. The heat warms our skin and our spirits. People have been gathering around TIKI® flames for over 60 years. Our original bamboo torch became an escape from daily life and a beacon for social gatherings. And it ignited a backyard tradition that continues to burn brightly.

Today, our product line has grown to include fire pits, the first-ever LED String Light with proven mosquito repellency*, and a full line of decorative torches and fuels that redefine the backyard experience. We’re constantly innovating, and our stylish and useful pieces have become showcases of yard and patio decor. They help you create a carefree space where friends and family are welcome, but cares are not allowed. As long as people gather, TIKI® will provide a sanctuary where you can relax, reconnect and rekindle your spirit.


* Based on studies which demonstrated a reduction in mosquitos compared to untreated controls. Use as directed. Efficacy may be affected by weather conditions, configuration and distance from repellent pods, and individual physical factors.