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Rethink Your Fire Pit.

We love fire, just like you, but we hate the hassle of building, lighting and cleaning one. That's why we designed our own Fire Pit with a simple set up, an instant-light Wood Pack, an innovative airflow system and easy clean up. Spend less time starting a fire and more time actually enjoying it.

Instant Light

No scout badge needed. One match will provide a full flame within 5 minutes and last approximately 30 minutes long. Just enough time to unwind, re-charge and re-connect. No judgment here, you can always add another bag.

Real Wood

Burn wood, not gas. Our Wood Packs contain pellets made from sawdust sourced as a by-product of a number of manufacturing processes (like lumber, window frames). In other words, we're taking discarded materials and turning them into the highlight of your night. #Upcycling

Low Smoke

Don't let smoke smother your fun. The Fire Pit's internal airflow system yields low smoke and less ash, meaning no more dodging smoke or starting late night laundry.


Experience the new way to Fire Pit: delivery right to your door, simple 2-piece assembly, removeable ash pan for easy clean up and a 2-year peace of mind warranty.

Built to Last

Thoughtfully selected materials make sure your pit looks great and stays that way for seasons to come. Our stainless steel burning chamber is designed to take a beating and the powder coated surround will keep your pit looking beautiful. We also include a cover to keep your unit safe from the elements when it’s not in use.

Become a Master Tender-er

You've met your match. Our Wood Packs just became your new best friend. Made in our home state of Wisconsin, these Wood Packs ignite quickly and last approximately 30 minutes, meaning no more guessing when your fire will be done. Want to go old-school? No problem. Our Fire Pit pairs perfectly with firewood, too.

"The Tiki Firepit is beautiful and it works. From its copper toned rim down to its hairpin legs, it is pretty much perfect. I love that the pellets come packed in a paper bag so there is no waste -- and as it burns, it produces a giant, bright white flame that expends well above the rim. You will definitely want to keep your chairs back a bit."

 Anthony from Massachusetts

"I bought this as a gift for my mom and I love it so much I want to get one for my backyard as well! Very durable and high quality- it is easy to clean and overall very well designed."

 Mel from New York

"I am incredibly impressed with the Tiki fire pit! It's solidly made and very stylish. The cone keeps the fire burning evenly and the ash drawer makes for an easy cleanup. I've never seen these features before, but they make a real difference!"

Cindy from Georgia

"I've been looking for a fire pit for a while and when I saw first saw this, I had placed my order five minutes later. It's exactly what I wanted it to be, solid and stylish. I've had it for a few months now and wanted to get a few uses out of it before reviewing. I LOVE IT!"

 Gloria from Tennessee

TIKI® Brand Fire Pit


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TIKI® Brand Wood Pack 4-Pack


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