Creating A Small Outdoor Oasis

Creating A Small Outdoor Oasis

Create your own outdoor oasis with these tips from blogger Stephanie Dulgarian

You don’t need a whole arsenal of items to create a relaxing space to enjoy your favorite snacks! Start with an outdoor rug to designate your space, then you can add a few chairs, a small table, and a few plants as fillers!

We also highly recommend using these gorgeous TIKI Brand table torches and citronella candles to add ambiance to your space. Also, when filled with BiteFighter Torch Fuel they offer proven mosquito repellency! Nothing ruins a relaxing evening than a pesky mosquito bite. The only thing that should be biting is you into these delicious cheese and cracker appetizers. 😉

We think the perfect way to top off a relaxing moment is to add a delicious and healthy snack! Grab a few ingredients, and you’re on your way to maximum oasis enjoyment.

Healthy Snacks for Kids and Adults

I put together this sweet and savory apple, cheese and cracker snack one afternoon and not only were they super easy, they happened to be a hit with my entire family! These easy healthy snacks were a nice little break in the day that helped our minds and our tummies recharge!

Savory Apple Cheese Crackers


  • crackers (we found an incredible rosemary flavor that was so delicious!)
  • cheese (we used cheddar and pepper jack)
  • apples
  • cinnamon + sugar


  1. Top your crackers with a slice of cheese.
  2. Place an apple slice on top, then sprinkle with cinnamon + sugar.

Sweet Cream Cheese and Crackers


  • butter crackers
  • cream cheese (we used strawberry and blueberry)
  • mandarin oranges


  1. Spread your cream cheese onto a cracker.
  2. Top with a mandarin orange.

I mean, does it get any simpler than that?! And they’re so delicious! And there’s no guilt here – healthy apple and cheese snacks! Which one do you think will taste better sitting outside in your new mini-oasis! 😉

A huge thank-you to TIKI Brand who provided us with products that made this post possible! And as with all of our sponsored posts, all text and images are 100% our own.

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