Revamping My Outdoor Space


Revamping My Outdoor Space

A solution for fire pits.

So ever since I moved into my loft I have tried to figure out how to keep it modern/urban looking while still being an enjoyable space. I love sitting outside and have a great balcony (it’s wide, too). It’s really an extension of the loft itself. I’m out there so much that I consider it to be another room!

I recently got some new furniture and have been sitting outside for several weeks now that the weather is finally better, but it can get a little cool at night. And also there are BUGS. So I decided to add something outside – I love sitting around fires, but obviously I can’t have a fire pit on my porch. What I can have is a fire sculpture, so I got one of the new TIKI Brand Fire Sculptures to place on my porch.

I really liked the silver one with the black base that you see above because it’s modern looking and fits perfectly in the outdoor space. It also doesn’t take up a lot of precious floor area. What is does do is add ambience and style, and gives me a natural flame without any smoke or mess like traditional fire pits.

This fire sculpture has so many nice features. What I loved:

  • Flame size is 2 – 3x larger than a tradition torch
  • Burns up to four hours before needing a refill
  • Illuminates my entire porch in the evening
  • I can use BiteFighter brand oil to keep the bugs away

I’ll be using this bad boy each night of the summer! I’m loving it!

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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