Hosting an outdoor gathering with family and friends doesn't have to be complicated.

It’s no secret that we love entertaining outdoors. Hosting an outdoor gathering with family and friends doesn’t have to be complicated!  Follow Linda’s tips below to create a simple outdoor garden party for your friends.

This is a no-fuss theme for me because we live in a humid and very green state {Virginia}. So our backyard offers plenty of pretty backdrops and the perfect setting for an outdoor garden party.

I place a few potted plants and flowers around the yard and add seating in several nooks in our backyard.

The food and drinks are simple and easy and I can coordinate the paperware and throw pillows with the colors of the flowers. {so basically any color except black, gray, and brown. haha.}

*Throw pillows are one of the best secrets to themed parties. They’re a quick and easy way to change your decor to fit the theme of your party. You can buy cheap outdoor throw pillows or make your own. {see this easy envelope pillow tutorial}

The main issue I deal with with a garden party theme is pesky bugs. {go figure, right?!} There are sure to be plenty of plants around at a garden party and therefore, plenty of bugs!

So I place my TIKI® Brand Fire Sculpture in a strategic place near some seating not only to help keep the mosquitoes away but also to provide a special touch of ambience.

I love using fire elements with an Outdoor Garden party theme because it adds so much ambiance. And these pretty blue glass TIKI Brand torches are so perfect! I love how whimsical they are.

So what themed outdoor parties are you planning this summer?

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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