Building a backyard sanctuary.

Mid May – when spring is in full force and the kiss of summer is so close you can almost taste it – is one of my absolute favorite times of year. There are countless reasons I enjoy this season so much, but one of the biggest is finally being able to spend time outside, especially in the evenings. For me, the joy of transforming our outdoor space from a (literally) barren winter deck to our own mini oasis filled with plants and flowers and a comforting vibe is genuinely intoxicating. I love it you guys. Every single day I look forward to finishing work and spending time relaxing in that space with my family. There is nothing better.

While adding some outdoor accessories and plants is important to building our little spring and summer sanctuary, the biggest transformation for me is the ambience created with products from The TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System. Our outdoor space admittedly isn’t much – it’s a small, elevated deck that overlooks other suburban townhouses. Right now, we don’t have a big yard, or a fire pit or fireplace, or anything impressive happening out back. But with the help of TIKI Brand Clean Burn Firepieces and Fuel, we are able to design an area that, thanks to rich, bright, long-burning flames, feels and looks as warm and glowing as the fanciest summertime yards. For real.

My regular readers know I’ve sung TIKI Brand’s praises before, but I truly can’t say enough about their Clean Burn Tabletop System. TIKI has reinvented fire you guys. I absolutely love that their Clean Burn Torch Fuel is an 85% plant-based formula (which burns much cleaner than traditional fuels) without a smoky mess, and that just one bottle of it provides 24 hours of burn time. I also love that they offer such a wide variety of pieces (and as you can see, we have a bunch of them; I’ll tell you more about my favorites in a minute) in all sorts of different styles – each of which creates a beautiful, bright, brilliant flame that can liven up any outdoor space. We use them constantly this time of year – for everything from dinner parties and gatherings with friends to family nights outdoors. The three step burner system is also incredibly easy to use, which in my chaotic life (seriously, I am flustered 90% of the time) is a major bonus.

There are several TIKI Brand Firepieces we use for our spring and summertime outdoor spaces, which we rotate depending on occasion and mood. (Sometimes, if we’re really feeling it, we even use them all at the same time.) One of my personal favorites is the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Bronze Ceramic, which is made out of a beautiful bronze finished ceramic with pretty, decorative glass stones and creates the perfect table centerpiece. It feels like our own mini backyard firepit, right on our deck table.

I’m also a big fan of the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece with FlameShield, which features a gorgeous cutout design through which the flame can literally illuminate an entire tabletop. Two of my other favorites, which stay on our deck all season long, are the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Burlap and the Earth Tone Citronella Wax Candle. Both of these pieces have an earthy vibe and go so well with our decor. The candle burns for up to 32 hours, and the Firepiece, like the others in the system, burns for 3+ hours with wick technology that minimizes spilling. Other favorites include their colorful, modern Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Red Glass and Teal Glass (which may look familiar if you remember seeing our deck last summer). For gatherings, I also love the Urban Metal Torch, which to me has that quintessential TIKI summertime party feel. Combined with the Easy Pour Wide Mouth Canister, it’s also an easy fill, and has a full flame lasts up to 5 hours. Pretty great, right?

I look forward to this time of year for months, and the day where I first get to set up our deck feels like Christmas morning. Sitting out there surrounded by plants and flowers and the warm glow of the goodies from the TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System is paradise to me.

If you’re a fan of creating an outdoor oasis at your home like I am, I highly recommend picking up The TIKI Brand Clean Burn System. There is nothing like the ambience it creates.

Happy outdoor season, friends!

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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