Tabletop Ideas

Think of your table as a landscape and use the entire area. Here are a few tips for adding stylish and stunning decor to your tables.

Use the Space

Contrary to its name, a centerpiece doesn’t have to be a single piece. Clustering several Herringbone Table Torches, Honeycomb Citronella Candles and vases together can create a striking focal point. Place other decorative accents along the length of the table and remember to vary their heights. Stay away from elements that are too tall or restrict eye contact between guests. Choose items that encourage conversation, like this Adjustable Flame Multi-Use Torch. It easily converts from a full size torch to a table torch and offers flame height control to fit any occasion.

Count Your Colors

Designers recommend picking three main colors: a primary color, a secondary color and an accent color. Too many colors can be dizzying. Too few can be dull. You can use napkins, candles and small table torches, like these Set Sail Table Torches, to provide pops of color against neutral tablecloths and plates. Or you can go all out and let bold colors play a more dominant role.

Mix Textures and Styles

Mixing textures and styles can add excitement and balance to your table. Mix on your own or find pieces that have multiple elements on their own, like the Mixed Material Votive Table Torch. When in doubt, a simple flower arrangement instantly adds color and texture to any tablescape.