Patio Ideas

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the patio is 100% the heart of your outdoor space. Decorate your patio with everything you’ll need for slow summer nights — the stuff memories are made of.

Keep guests comfortable

On beautiful nights, you want everyone to enjoy the outside air as long as possible. Our long-lasting flames help and so will a little hospitality. Drape each chair with a blanket or throw. When the temperature dips, guests can wrap themselves in an extra layer of warmth and keep the conversation flowing.

Choose natural light

With all due respect to Thomas Edison, sometimes you want to give harsh electric lights a rest. There’s a dark-sky movement in heavily populated areas to try to reduce light pollution. Illuminating your patio with the warm glow of natural flames lets you enjoy the brilliance of the night sky, plus stargazers everywhere will thank you.  

Contrast your concrete

Is your patio or balcony in the middle of a city? Offset your concrete jungle with elements that remind you of green, faraway places. Add nature back in by adorning a drab area with plant life and vibrant table torches, like our Pineapple Paradise Table Torches or Chiko Cactus Torches.