Modern Ideas

A modern look and feel can be achieved in any space no matter size or budget. If you’re ready to master the art of modern outdoor design, discover our top three tips below.


Modern design is known for its simplicity, clean lines and functionality. Our Adjustable Flame torches let you easily change the height of the flame to fit the occassion. Less is more, so don’t clutter up your table or yard with too many elements. Keep your canvas clean and let a few showpieces really make a statement, like this Gold Dipped Adjustable Flame Table Torch. Remember, modern style doesn’t have to be austere, so make the atmosphere comfortable and inviting.


If you’re decorating a patio or apartment balcony, try adding a small potted plant to your table or a larger plant in a planter. If you didn’t inherit a green thumb, we have the perfect set of pineapples or cacti for you! If you have more space to play with, don’t overthink every inch. Keep it simple, and emphasize one or two main areas with larger, unique plants.


Creating a modern environment means more than decor. Save energy by turning off inside lights when you’re outside, and fill your torches with Clean Burn BiteFighter Torch Fuel. It has a plant-based formula that produces less soot and smoke than petroleum-based torch fuels and keeps away unwanted guests that buzz and bite.


When going for a modern vibe, keep it simple and keep it clean. Don’t clutter your table or yard with too many elements. Look for clean lines and shapes, but don’t forget your own style. It’s your space, so it needs to feel inviting and comforting.