Everyday Ideas

Spending time outdoors has not only shown to lower stress but also benefit your immune system. Regardless of the scientific health responses, being outdoors just makes you feel better, happier, more alive. Here are our top three tips for getting outside more.

Bring the indoors out

Sometimes getting outside can be as easy as taking your indoor task outside. Unwind from the day with music, eat a before-dinner snack or even catch up with a friend on the phone to the tune of fresh air and open spaces.

Keep your backyard ready

You are more likely to use something that doesn’t require a ton of effort. Make your outdoor space easy to use and ready at a moment’s notice. Prefill your torches with BiteFighter Torch Fuel, and you’ll be relaxing peacefully in no time.

Make your weeknights feel like weekends

Don’t reserve the weekend feeling for just a couple of days. Challenge the norm with a late night swim or sunset nature walk. Go ahead, add a little Saturday to your Wednesday.