Classic TIKI Ideas

TIKI is the epitome of summer fun and relaxation. Transform your space into paradise by using these three elements, and you’ll be day-dreaming of your own backyard in no time.


Don’t underestimate the power of a natural flame. Line walkways with Island King Torches or use a statement piece like a patio torch to help set the mood. Use fuel with repellency to keep away those unwanted guests (you know, the ones that bite), and keep the fire element going by adding citronella candles or table torches to any tablescape. These outdoor elements are durable and make setting the mood easy with a quick light.


Pineapples are the symbol of friendship and hospitality for a good reason. Deck out your tables and yard with these sweet convertible Aloha Pineapple Torches and this modern Pineapple Paradise Table Torches. Mix real and decorative elements to create a totally tropical mood.


Bamboo is the unofficial official statement piece of TIKI. Escape from the wood and concrete of your daily life by adding elements of bamboo to furniture, Barbados Torches and games (like limbo). Its natural coloring and scent will surely remind you of faraway tropical places.