Bohemian Ideas

Bohemian decor is the easy-going, always on-point style that feels warm and inviting. It’s the perfect blend of textures to relax and unwind in.

Create layers

Bohemian style is all about layering. Layer lighting by stringing bulb lights overhead and using natural flames like these Bubble Glass Votive Citronella Candles or this Geo Globe Table Torch on tables below. Layer rugs, pillows and blankets around the entire space to create the ultimate cozy hang out. The conversation will naturally flow, and the pace of the day will slow so you can soak it all in.


Opt to include lots of natural elements like wood, ceramic, fire and leather. These items might be simple but collected they pull together the intimate, easygoing feeling that is boho. Our Mixed Material Votive Table Torches are the perfect addition to any bohemian space.


Keep the colors light and airy. The goal of this unique style is comfort and ease. Instead of busy, bright colors, aim to keep the palate neutral and calming — think whites, pinks and earth tones.


Don’t be afraid to add it! Bohemian style likes to combine different styles and shapes. Gather chairs you have around your house and bring an assortment of pillows to your outdoor space. Make each seating space a different experience for you and your guests.