Multiple Entertaining Areas in a Big Space

Multiple Entertaining Areas in a Big Space

How to optimize your large backyard for entertaining.

Regardless of size, it’s important to maximize the potential of your backyard entertaining space! Whether you plan to use it for outdoor entertaining or as a relaxing getaway right in your backyard, there are plenty of design options. Here are some of my favorite tips for multiple entertaining areas in a big space.

Break it into multiple rooms or zones.

Create multiple functions by strategically arranging furniture to establish different “rooms” for lounging, dining, chatting, and cooking.

Implement a lighting design.

People naturally congregate near light. TIKI Brand Clean Burn firepiece and table torches are some of the best ways to add ambient lighting in each entertaining space and the walkways between. I love the warmth of natural flame ambiance my Pineapple Paradise Glass Table Torch and Geo Globe Table Torch create together.

Complement your interiors.

Use the same colors and style that you’ve established inside your home for your backyard to make it feel more like its own living room. Pick up on colors and textures that tie the two spaces together.

Use one surface material.

If you have multifunctional areas, use one material to unify the spaces. Small and large spaces need cohesion. Use the same material that’s found elsewhere on the property.

Avoid clutter.

The more elements your yard has, the tighter it will feel. Avoid the hodgepodge effect, pick only two or three styles of planters, two or three colors — it makes it feel less accidental, chaotic, and overwhelming. I love how my TIKI Brand torches perfectly match my style. This classic lantern design with clear glass fuel vessel converts from a 65-inch full-sized torch to a 50-inch garden torch. Remove the metal pole completely, and it becomes a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

Create a focal point.

Natural bodies of water have a sense of wonder attached to them. The sound of running water is known to be relaxing and promote tranquility. This makes a backyard fountain a natural fit for a backyard that is designed to be a peaceful hideaway.

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