How To Plan An Easy Outdoor Dinner Without Interruptions

How To Plan An Easy Outdoor Dinner Without Interruptions

Outdoor family dinners made easy in three steps.

Sometimes I think of doing a dinner outdoors, and I think of all the things I need to prepare and end up not doing anything.

But when it’s summer, it’s fun to spend time outside, the kids just love it when I say, ok we’re going to eat outside tonight! They get really excited, plus they also help more.

My idea of an easy summer outdoor dinner involves not cooking, eating a casual meal, mostly something without silverware and being able to stay out there without interruptions.

So I made it happen and it is easy to replicate on many, many summer nights!

Prepare the space with TIKI torches

TIKI Brand has so many great table torches to choose from, I am loving the new designs! The Pineapple, Seaside Escape and Geo are my favorites. They are a must on any outdoor entertaining we do. I like to use at least 3 table torches and the regular standing torches on the ground to set up the mood. The BiteFighter Torch Fuel has an easy-pouring top and has proven mosquito repellency so you don’t have to worry about anything. The flame will last as long as your dinner and more, so you won’t need extra light, no interruptions!

Set-up a cozy table

I love to decorate even if it’s just a little bit, because for easy dining you won’t want to be working too hard anyway. I bring out a nice runner, enamel plates and some cute napkins (they can be paper or cloth). If you happen to have flowers, that helps a lot and some plants as well. That’s all! Maybe the family doesn’t realize the details, but they can definitely feel the ambiance!

Get your food at the market

I decided to get little sandwiches from my closest grocery market deli. We just roasted them on the grill and what a great, easy idea! I served them with chips and fruits, the only thing I did is cut the fruit and serve it in a bowl, super easy summer outdoor dinner! It’s a great idea that I can definitely use over and over again.

Now you know, you don’t need much to plan a super easy outdoor dinner this summer, show me what you make and how you styled it with TIKI Brand torches!!

This post is sponsored by TIKI Brand. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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