Hosting a Girls’ Night In

Hosting a Girls’ Night In

Check out Aimee Lane's advice on the perfect way to set up your backyard for a well-deserved girls' night in.

 During the school year, I am full-time tutor, reference librarian, fashion stylist, shuttle driver, and so on and so forth.  When summer arrives, schedules and structure go out the window, it’s time to relax!  One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer’s arrival is hosting a Girls’ Night In!  Here are some fabulous tips for hosting your favorite friends this summer!

1.  Tidy your home. 

Even on the most beautiful days, guests will want to take a peek inside.  Use the upcoming event to motivate you to straighten up the foyer, kitchen, family room, and bathrooms.

2.  Prep the yard.

Mow, rake, and edge the grass.  Pick up balls and toys that have been scattered on the lawn for weeks.

3. Add outdoor lighting.

Create a special party atmosphere by adding TIKI Brand Molded Glass Tabletop torches. Beautiful, right.

4.  Display fresh flowers clippings from your yard. 

Add a splash of color to your seating areas with garden flowers in mason jars.

5.  Create an informal photo booth.

Hang a frame using jute twine tied around a low tree branch for a fun backdrop.  Ladies love a memory-making station.

6.  Prepare a playlist.

Music creates great ambiance for a party.  Choose songs that will create the environment your anticipating for your party.

7.  Add more outdoor lighting. 

Every tabletop should have a light source.  Candles look great indoors, but outdoors they don’t cooperate with any wind.  A TIKI Brand Glowing Tabletop – is a great solution.

8.  Choose the menu.

I love serving salads when hosting my girlfriends.  It’s an easy food to prepare in advance, displays an array of pretty colors, and each person can top it with the dressing of their choice.

9.  Set up seating for guests.

Think through where your guests will sit and if needed, spread a blanket on the grass so everyone has room to sit back and relax.

10.  Keep pesky mosquitoes away.

I have been using TIKI Brand Island King Large Flame Torch for years and it does a great job helping to keep mosquitoes away and keeping my guests comfortable.

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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