Beautiful Backyard Ambiance


Beautiful Backyard Ambiance

A flame transforms the experience.

Fire have always been the same: smoky, sooty, ashy, and messy. Until now, TIKI Brand has re-invented, re-imagined and re-designed fire so we can now use it on our tabletops: a beautiful, bright flame with less smoke. This is the evolution of the flame.  I was in NYC when TIKI Brand launched the Clean Burn Tabletop System, which includes a plant-based Clean Burn Torch Fuel and Clean Burn Tabletop Firepieces, and immediately fell in love.

Brighter flames, no unpleasant petroleum odors, and dramatically less soot and smoke.  There is no product like this on the market. I have fallen in love with the entire product line.  TIKI Brand has transformed outdoor lighting with a new line of Clean Burn Tabletop Firepieces that create beautiful ambiance without the smoky mess.

Their reusable Roundwick burner-system provides up to three hours of burn time with every fill and the absorbent wick reduces risk of fuel spillage.

The TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System features a bright flame that provides light and ambiance, perfect for outdoor bistro and end tables. The firepieces are available in a variety of colors, textures and sizes to fit everyone’s tabletop or backyard style.

Clean Burn Tabletop Firepieces are designed for outdoor use only and can only be used with Clean Burn Torch Fuel for a brighter flame, perfect for nights spent outside with loved ones.

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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