Backyard Table Setting on a Budget

Backyard Table Setting on a Budget

The perfect outdoor table setting that's beautiful, easy and budget-friendly

In the summer, there’s nothing better than dining al fresco with family and friends. That’s why today I’m going to show you a few ideas for creating a beautiful backyard table setting on a budget!

It is so exciting to finally have a home with a large outdoor space. As you can imagine, my brain has gone into overdrive with ideas for outdoor living and outdoor entertaining. While I will have lots more for you over the summer, I thought a backyard table setting might be a great place to start.

This year I am honored to be working with TIKI Brand to share creative ways to add style and ambiance to your outdoor life. I’ve had a bunch of fun working with and styling their TIKI Brand table torches. If you remember, I used several of them on my apartment balcony. They are a simple and beautiful way to add a natural flame to your outdoor spaces.

So let’s get into how I created this backyard table setting on a budget!

In the interest of full disclosure, I took these photos in a park near my apartment. However, these ideas are so versatile you could recreate this backyard table setting anywhere.

Thinking about how I wanted to style this table, I immediately realized I needed a table. I recommend something wood that folds. I found this particular table, and it worked perfectly. Not only does it have great style, but I can easily store it when it’s not set for dining.

For the chairs, I considered the same thing – what looks great and can easily be stored when not in use. You might be surprised, but these chairs actually stack. However, I do plan on using them on my patio when not styling outdoors.

And because we’re doing this on a budget, it’s important to make things multi-purpose. For example, you don’t need all new chairs to create a beautiful backyard table setting. Think creatively. The chairs from your dining table might work, or maybe you could make a bench from stacked cinderblocks and a sturdy board.

Using what I had on hand, the rest of the table came together quickly.

I’m not a fan of melamine dinnerware or plastic cutlery so I used pieces from my own kitchen. To me, this ups the specialness of outdoor entertaining. Plus, you don’t need to purchase and store extra dinnerware.

I should also note that I have simple and inexpensive white plates and glassware I know I can easily replace. Accidents are bound to happen, and I never want a guest to feel upset or embarrassed if something breaks.

Adding a little lighting to a table is the perfect finishing touch. Not only does it have an inviting glow, but the flicker of the flame also creates movement on the table.

This is where my TIKI Brand table torches come into play. I used two of the Mixed Material Votive Table Torches because the design works perfectly with the rest of my table.

Besides the design, I love that TIKI Brand makes a Clean Burn Torch Fuel which provides a brilliant flame without a smoky mess. It’s ideal for entertaining!

You can check out the full line of TIKI Brand table torches here to see what would suit your style or celebration!

And finally, a touch of nature was required to bring this whole table together.

I purchased some inexpensive blooms to style this table, but I would encourage you to look to your own backyard for a botanical touch. For example, you could style your table with a few potted plants from your patio, a bouquet of cut blooms from your perennial garden, or cut herbs tucked into several small mason jars.

I also like to get creative with my flower vases. My go-to’s are white pitchers and mason jars. You can find them almost anywhere, and they work so well with a backyard/garden party aesthetic.

With that, my backyard table setting on a budget is complete and ready for food and friends!

This post is sponsored by TIKI Brand

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