6 Ideas to Add Big Style to a Small Balcony

6 Ideas to Add Big Style to a Small Balcony

Balcony design tips you can use for any small outdoor space.

A new season is here and that means it’s time to take the indoors outdoors. That’s why today I’m sharing 6 ideas to add big style to a small balcony. Even though I would love to have a large outdoor space/deck, I’ve had a lot of fun decorating my apartment balcony this past year.

It’s kind of funny because if you look up from the street, my balcony stands out from the others in my building. I’m happy to say that it looks special and welcoming even from below. In preparing for the new season, I’ve teamed up with my friends at TIKI Brand to add life and ambiance to my little outdoor space.

This might come as a surprise because when you think of TIKI Brand you probably think of the tall torches you stick in your yard. However, they offer so much more than that. I’m a big fan of their table torches (which you’ll see in this post). With their flickering flame, they bring a welcoming ambiance to any location, even my balcony. You can check out all of their products here.

So what can you do to add big style to a small balcony? Let me walk you through my six simple steps!

1. Keep it Cozy

The nice thing about a small space is that it’s easy to make it feel cozy. Instead of having to fill a big area, you only need a few simple accessories to create an intimate feeling. On my balcony chairs, I placed an outdoor throw and outdoor pillows. I got style and comfort in one simple step.

2. Plant Something

Bringing in a few flowers or plants is a must for me. Because this space is tiny, I chose smaller planters in varying heights to spread a little bit of nature around the entire space. If you are on a balcony or deck and have neighbors below, be sure to add liners to all of your pots to prevent any dirt or water dripping on their space. (I learned this the hard way.)

3. Create a Glow

Whether indoors or out, lighting can complete a space and set a mood. For outdoor spaces, I love using a natural flame whenever possible. Since I can’t set up a fire pit on my balcony, these TIKI Brand table torches are the perfect option for me. They are also available in a variety of styles so you’re certain to find something to fit your space. This post features a Geo Globe Table Torch, Painted Glass Table Torch, and Mixed Material Votive Table Torch.

4. Make it Functional

At the end of the day, your outdoor space must work for you. Think about how you’ll be using it. In the morning, I drink my coffee and flip through a magazine on my balcony. In the afternoon, I work on my laptop. When evening rolls around, I enjoy sitting out there, chatting with a friend. To serve all of those purposes, I only needed two chairs and a couple of well-placed side tables. This gives me a spot to set my coffee or my laptop. I also selected chairs that would be comfortable for an extended time.

5. Include a Pop of Color

You know me – I need a pop of color. I tried to be smart about where I added color in this small space. I opted to keep the larger, permanent things neutral: black and white pots, black table, black and natural chairs. That way, I can easily change the rest with the seasons. When fall arrives, I can quickly add mums to my pots and a cozier throw to my chairs. This past winter, I pulled out all of my plants and filled the pots with fresh greens and lights. It was perfect for the holidays.

6. Add a Touch of Quirkiness

I always like to bring something into my designs that will make people smile. For my balcony, I thought this hat that reads “Do Not Disturb” was perfect. It fits into my decor so well, and I’m betting people will have fun trying it on and snapping a selfie. The design of the TIKI Brand Table Torches adds a touch of fun as well! How unique is a pineapple that becomes a torch?

With those six quick tips, you can create big style in any small space. What do you think?

Now, get out there and start decorating! I’m going back to my coffee and magazines, so please “Do Not Disturb.”

This post is sponsored by TIKI Brand. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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