About Us

In the 1950s, tiki culture was in full swing. Pacific Island-themed restaurants, bars and even living rooms were all the rage. At the height of tiki popularity, the first original TIKI® torch was produced, igniting a backyard tradition that still burns brightly over 60 years later.

A yard illuminated by TIKI® torches quickly came to symbolize the ultimate backyard gathering. They were the choice of savvy party hosts who had a knack for creating a festive mood. Guests welcomed by TIKI® torches knew they were in for a good time with family and friends.

In 2001, TIKI® Brand became part of Lamplight®, also makers of outdoor torches, candles and torch fuels. As a family-owned company, we’ve always had a passion for helping family and friends connect with each other at home. We believed TIKI® Brand could help anyone create paradise in their backyard and quickly started designing new TIKI® Brand products to appeal to a wide variety of people with different yards, patios and styles.

Today, we continue to enter exciting new territory with more stylish designs and innovative products like Clean Burn™ Tabletop Firepieces and Torch Fuel, which dramatically reduce soot and smoke. And as long as there are backyards, TIKI® Brand will continue to invite family, friends and neighbors to gather around its warm glow.