Outdoor Entertaining Tips for a Party at the Park
Outdoor Entertaining Tips for a Party at the Park
Victoria Hudgins has great tips to make your park gathering a perfect one.

I love getting outside for parties this time of year. We enjoy hosting BBQ’s out back and parties on the deck. One of my favorite ways to host lately though has been at the park! I know it sounds crazy, but here in Reno we have such gorgeous scenery with the rivers and mountains and there are great places to meet up with friends and let the kids play. The best part is that I don’t have to clean my house before or after the event! Just load the car and be on our way.

I’ve also found setting up gatherings that meet in a park, or by a fun natural element are a great way to have group play dates. When the kids are free to run and explore, I always have a better chance chatting with the moms and no one is fighting over who’s shutting the bedroom door on who. It’s a perfect compromise.

One thing parks tend to lack though is pretty ambient light. Especially as dusk begins to hit. For our most recent late afternoon park party, I teamed up with TIKI Brand to fix the lighting issue once and for all. Their torches and candles are super easy to transport and add such a nice light to any outdoor party. I was able to get the entire set into our car and set up at the park in about 10 minutes. So great for last minute summer gatherings!

The TIKI Brand  torches stayed firmly in the ground throughout the entire afternoon and I was able to use them to set a perimeter around our party space. They were a great way to transition the party from daytime to dusk and instantly made our favorite park feel like home!

In fact we loved them so much we immediately set them up at home as soon as possible after the park party was through. They look great with our everyday deck lights over the backyard.

When I’m entertaining outdoors its best to go bright festive and fun! A disposable tablecloth filled with gems, paper plates, and easy to eat finger food are part of my go-to supply. I also love to bring along something for the parents to enjoy while the kids are blissfully stomping in the river. The small torches were perfect for playing board games and enjoying a warm afternoon chatting outdoors.

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

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