About Us

Lamplight, a Division of the W.C. Bradley Co., is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Lamplight is a leading provider of outdoor torches, citronella fuel, outdoor wax candles, indoor oil lamps, lamp oil and related goods. Lamplight's family of fine quality brands includes TIKI®, Lamplight® and Ultra-Pure®.

Lamplight traces its heritage to 1964 when founders Donald and Rosemary Tendick pioneered the development of a lamp oil specially formulated to burn without the smoke and odor associated with kerosene. After months of experimenting, a smokeless and odorless oil was developed for Mrs. Tendick to use with her collection of antique oil lamps. Mr. Tendick recognized that this oil would surely appeal to other lamp collectors, and set out to market their new discovery. The Tendick’s filled their station wagon with their entire stock of 12 cases and called on antique stores, hoping that with a little luck they would be able to take orders at a future date. Instead, they sold their entire inventory that day! When collectors of antique oil lamps began swamping the family with orders, Mr. Tendick soon found that he was working every night until 3:00 a.m. in their home basement keeping them supplied with the popular Lamplight lamp oil. By the end of 1964, the Tendicks had located a 4,000 square foot factory and Lamplight Farms was born.

Lamplight expanded on its line of indoor oil lamps and oil by adding outdoor torches and citronella fuel to its product line in 1988. Lamplight now produced natural flame lighting products for outdoor use as well as indoor use.

In 1998, the Tendicks sold Lamplight to its current owner, the W.C. Bradley Co. Founded in 1885, the W.C. Bradley Co. is a privately owned company headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. Lamplight maintained its Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin location and operates as a stand-alone enterprise, but with the support and financial backing of the W.C. Bradley Co.

To further build Lamplight’s position in the outdoor torch category, in 2001 the W.C. Bradley Co. purchased TIKI® Corp., the #1 brand in outdoor torches. TIKI® Brand Torches have created Paradise in your Backyard® since 1957. As the original and leading brand in torch fuel and outdoor torches, TIKI® Brand products are available across North America at all major leading retailers. A dedicated focus on style, décor and performance has positioned TIKI® as the consumer’s choice for natural flame products and outdoor lighting products that make the backyard the best room in the house.