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Torches - How do I light my torch?

Remove wickholder assembly from fuel reservoir. Fill reservoir to fill line with TIKI® citronella torch fuel. If no fill line is present, fill reservoir 2/3 full. Attach wickholder assembly to fuel reservoir. Do not over tighten. Allow wick to become completely saturated with oil before lighting, about 5 minutes. Do not set wick height higher than one inch above top of flame guard. Keep loose clothing, hair and face from coming in contact with flame when lighting.
Medical Emergency Contact Information: For accidental ingestion of lamp or torch oil, do not induce vomiting. Please contact a physician immediately or for 24 Hour a Day / 7 Days a week immediate safety and medical advice, please contact PROSAR @ 1-800-308-7141.

You can also contact your local poison control center by calling 1-800-222-1222